Greeting from Chairman

Thank you for visiting our website. We hope everything is going well for you. And we would like to appreciate your sustaining support for our association.

By the way, although recent weak economic activity can be seen, consumer spending continues to pick up, and it is said that it is moderately recovering.

When we look at related indicators of the Federation, the steel industry seems to be flat for building related products, automobile production has increased for the fifth consecutive month in the manufacturing industry, and construction machinery is on the rise due to demand for emerging countries .
In addition, capital investment also remained relatively steady, and industrial and electric machinery is also on the rise.

Domestic demand in the past few months has exceeded 105 million tons of crude steel production, exceeding the previous year's results for the first time in three years contrary to anticipation.

In overseas demand, global crude steel production in March this year increased by 4.6% to 145 million tons, an 11th consecutive month increase, of which crude steel production in China increased by 1.8% to 72 million tons monthly We record the highest.China's high standards are still going on.

As for the future situation, the budget allocation of the Tokyo Olympic Games is almost decided, and we are expecting expectations such as construction related, automobiles, construction machinery, general industrial machinery and so on.

Meanwhile, we are still judging that the manufacturers' movements are still strong, and the industry will continue to be challenging for a while as steel price increases from living last year.

Even with the Sanjo SteelAssociation, I think that we must take charge of that role as a coordinator with steel manufacturers based on the trends of the manufacturing companies in this region.

The whole business of the union is a place that has passed several months already this fiscal year, but in May the lecture meeting by the steelmaker was carried out, only the inspection of September is left only after this.

I hope for the participation of many members.

Also, we would be pleased if each committee business could be actively developed.It is up to the union members to continue understanding, cooperation and participation in the union project in the future.

We would like to extend to our customers and visitors, our best wishes for prosperity of Thank you

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Sanjo Steel Association

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